Discover our new collection of Colour Rubber Base Tropical Crush. This formula is elastic and resilient making natural nails stronger against damage. The product also works well when paired with hard builder gels. It can be soaked off in just 10 minutes if needed or removed with an e-file. The product meets strict British quality standards and unlike most similar products on the market today it does not contain Acrylic Acid or HEMA which many customers have built up an intolerance too in the last 5 years.

Why you will love it:

  • A perfect solution for natural nail overlays compared to coloured hard builder gels. Not only can they be soaked off, but they can also be applied closer to the cuticle area. With hard gel, you can't bring it too close to the cuticle and it must have a gradual transition from a clear base layer into your hard gel builder to avoid lifting at the cuticle area. But flexible products like Smart Base, can be applied closer for a look that clients are more accustomed to with colour nail services.

  • They serve as a fantastic canvas for nail art and pair beautifully with both white and colored French tips.

  • Thanks to their even pigment distribution, various colours can be combined to create seamless ombre designs. The product self-levels quickly and evenly, ensuring a flawless finish.

  • For clients concerned about the curing of colored UV/LED base product, our color-rich formula has undergone rigorous testing. It can be applied in a brush on (two coats) or build sculpting technique (bead application method) and will last well while looking great.

  • These colors will be in high demand during the Spring and Summer Seasons as they embody bold tints in a milky/pastel finish.

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